VEWC launches the highly-anticipated BigBoys Industry Platform with BBI crypto token

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VEWC (Via East West Capital) announces the launch of the BigBoys Industry platform: a robust commodity trading platform that enables you to track your investment.

The platform, which will begin with three gold mines, attempts to address numerous difficulties within the commodities trading industry, including transparency, environmental regulatory challenges, and fraud.

One of the prominent members of the company is its CFO, Oh Shen King. He’s also Via East West Capital's CEO and a Board of Directors member and possesses essential experience in information security and financial systems, which equips him to excel in strategic decision-making for Via East West Capital.

From 2009 through 2017, he worked as a security expert for information intelligence, developing and implementing electronic/cyber-warfare intelligence surveillance and counterintelligence systems.

Mr. King was exposed to financial system mechanics earlier in his career and devised a remedy to the system's transparency difficulties. He pioneered a new investment platform based on block chain technology that enables investors to manage all of their investments in complete transparency.

The BigBoys Industry platform enables investors to watch real-time production data 24 hours a day, regardless of their location. All investors have access to production statistics, daily earnings, and GPS tracking of all trucks and excavators used in production. All GPS locations are programmed into the mining vehicles and excavators, which provides investors with complete visibility into the mining process. If any truck drivers drive outside the mine's designated radius, the technology quickly warns the command center.

All records are then saved on the block chain and subjected to additional analysis using their Artificial Intelligence technology. This artificial intelligence approach is in charge of monitoring and supervising all processes. Any significant discrepancy in weights is noted and investigated by the team.

Another entertaining feature available to their high-level investors is the option to launch UAV Drones at any time, capable of monitoring the mine in real-time.

VEWC's state-of-the-art technology, paired with block chain technology, is meant to provide investors with the security of knowing all production facts, thereby enforcing the guarantee of product return and transparency.

The BigBoys Industry Platform is introducing BBI Tokens. BBI is an ERC20-compliant coin that is backed directly by gold mined at mining operations. In contrast to bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, the BBI token has an actual physical value: monthly gold production. Investors can exchange their BBI Tokens for the corresponding amount of gold at a confirmed partner bank.

The company makes use of block chain technology, which allows investors to participate in all aspects of the business. By purchasing the BBI tokens, you are making a tangible investment in the operation of numerous lucrative gold mines, positioning yourself to profit both from an increase in the value of gold and the increase in its output.

BigBoys Industry mission is to transform our mining to green premium mining concept, replace the fossil fuel (diesel) to renewable energy by 2026.

The BigBoys Industry participate in race to zero campaign. Those who invest in BigBoys Industry will be able to trade and invest in gold at a substantially lower production price than the market price. All future gold production is paid to investors as dividends.


Additionally, tokens are generated only if BBI acquires additional gold from the gold mine, and those tokens are delivered to investors as dividends in proportion to the number of tokens they own. Investors can choose to trade the token for real fiat currency via a cryptocurrency exchange or for actual physical gold. The more money you invest; the more compound interest your money earns in gold.

Foreign investing has historically been a dangerous and time-consuming endeavor. Now, the block chain monitors your business for you; surveillance technologies, monthly audits of mines, unmodified block chain accounting, and real-time production data are all made available to investors via the BBI platform in a constantly updated stream.

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