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Projected annual token reward:
1 Month $9.15
2021 $109.80
2022 $219.60
2023 $329.40
2024 $439.20

Bigboys Industry BBI Token

is an open protocol Gold Mining project created by VEWC (Via East West Capital). It is the first crypto token that truly backed by real gold based on ERC20 standard. (BigBoys industry) platform, which is a vital commodity trading platform that enables you to monitor and track your investment.

BigBoys Industry project focus on Easy, Efficient and Transparent Investment.

Foreign investment has never been this efficient. And with the BBI platform, it's even more realistic: you get to track gold right from the mining stage to the final destination in the gold supply chain. On the other hand, Blockchain records, supervises and streamlines the whole process for you.

BBI tokens that represent the value of physical gold in several lucrative gold mines. The BBI Token bears a physical value against inflation, Investors can redeem these tokens for their gold equivalent at any verified partner bank.

Invest in BBI token same as invest in gold at the production price and choose to receive your reward as BBI tokens or exchange for actual gold that mined from the gold mine. Join Us Now.

Mineral table Price/BBI Symbol Concentration Factor
GOLD 18 BBI Per KG Au 99.90%
LEAD SULFIDE 0.282 BBI Per Ton PbS 40.00%
YELLOW CAKE 4621 BBI Per KG - 99.9%
URANIUM 1650 BBI Per KG U 17.00%
Manganese Ore 0.0198 BBI Per Ton Mn 30.00%

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